Microsoft 365 Integrations for Your Intranet

May 21, 2021

If a SharePoint intranet is currently part of your digital workplace, or if you’re looking to implement one in your organisation, it’s important that you consider how Microsoft applications such as Teams, Power BI and Power Apps factor in. These applications can not only bring exciting new functionality to your intranet, but can drive a raft of positive benefits for staff and your organisation.

Why Microsoft Applications Can Be Important For Your Intranet

With teams often working remotely, it’s critical that you provide staff with a one stop shop where they can access the applications and services that they need to do their work. This will empower employees and creates a safety net for those that don’t always remember where they need to go.

The reality is that employees have different preferences for how they access information and by giving them different pathways to locate and use essential resources you’ll be ensuring they have the right tools to work effectively.

The more employees are exposed to new applications in their day-to-day, the more likely they will be to adopt them.

It’s no secret that many organisations struggle to get staff to consume content within their intranet. By giving staff a productive reason to visit, for example, to submit an annual leave request form, staff will be much more likely to be exposed to internal communications.

So which Microsoft 365 applications should you consider integrating into your intranet?

Better Decision Making With Power BI

Power BI offers the opportunity to leverage data in meaningful ways. Information can be graphically presented in your intranet to help inform decision making, raise awareness of critical matters and share business successes or issues.

How you might use Power BI in your intranet

  • Customer service KPIs
  • Sales figures
  • Safety incidents
  • Industry trends
  • Financial performance

Power Apps & Power Automate

No one likes having to print out a request form, sign it, scan it and then send it back via email and those working from home might not have the necessary equipment. Using the Power Platform to automate business processes, you can reduce completion times, minimise errors including missed submissions and make approvals mobile-accessible for remote workers and busy managers.

How you might use Power Apps & Power Automate in your intranet

  • Annual leave requests
  • Expense requests
  • Incident reports
  • Training requests
  • Equipment requests
  • Site safety checklists

Teams In Your Intranet

With Teams usage skyrocketing across organisations globally, it’s worth considering how your intranet could benefit from this powerhouse application. However, just because you can add Teams to your intranet doesn’t mean you should. Think carefully about how it can add value. Teams can be added to your intranet to create a strategic stream of engagement, keep intranet content current and highlight engaging content that might otherwise get lost.

How you might use Teams in your intranet

  • Department specific integration
  • Group & audience targeting
  • Ideation
  • Employee recognition

Your Intranet In Teams

You do not need to solely focus on putting applications into your intranet when it can go the other way. You can use Teams to embed your intranet or key elements of it to make it more accessible and drive engagement. No longer do users need to switch between Teams and their intranet to find a colleague’s contact information when they can do this directly in Teams. Ultimately, if employees are regularly using Teams then it can make sense to put the intranet where they are.

How you might use your intranet in Teams

  • News and announcements
  • Staff directory
  • Ideation
  • Employee recognition

The Possibilities Are Endless…

Don’t let your intranet become stale and unproductive. By utilising a range of Microsoft 365 applications you can drive adoption, increase engagement, keep staff informed and achieve a whole lot more.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how these different applications can be used to benefit your organisation.

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