Digital Workplace for Not for Profit and Charities

It’s a challenging and exciting time for Not for Profits with significant market changes, increased competition, complex regulation and ongoing workforce issues. Many organisations are bogged down in day to day demands, but to grow or even to survive in this market it’s essential to work in a different way. A Digital Workplace can make this possible!

It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take too much time to make positive changes.

Not for profit SharePoint intranet

Injio has been designed with Not for Profits and Charities in mind, with functionality to deliver specific, relevant benefits:

Reduce the daily grind to get more done

Engage teams, volunteers & Board members with all the info they need

Have confidence in your compliance

Foster organisation-wide innovation

Use the platforms and Microsoft products you already have

Build a cohesive, positive culture

Injio is a:

  1. Communications platform
  2. Collaboration hub
  3. Innovation generator
  4. Process automation builder
  5. Culture centre
  6. Compliance management tool

Injio Not for Profit intranet

Injio NFP is an accelerated intranet platform, helping you connect your teams and volunteers, share information, make communication easier and build a vibrant culture.

There’s no need to start from scratch, most of the work is already done. We take the powerful Injio platform and tailor it for your organisation with the right features and your branding.

Learn more about Inijo + our approach.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance had grown organically over the years with four intranet platforms that needed to be cleaned up and centralised. Staff had issues with signing in, searching and finding essential documentation.

About 80% of what we needed was out of the box and we tailored the remaining 20%

This was a much better option than doing everything from scratch.”

Nick Culpit, Cerebral Palsy Alliance

"We didn't have the funds for a start from scratch build and we
had tight deadlines. We've definitely got the solution that we
were after ... it's even better then we had hoped."

Rhiannon Jones
Manager - Operations, Cancer Therapeutics CRC (CTx)

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Injio Digital Workplace

Building communities: Digital Workplaces at Not for Profits

Using your intranet for knowledge management, internal communications and creating a strong community among staff, volunteers and the leadership team.


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